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Temporomandibular Joint Disorder( TMJ Disorder)

The Temporomandibular joint connects your jaw to both sides of your head. When it works well , it enable you to talk, chew and yawn. Problems with your jaw and the muscles in your face that control it are known as Tempromandibular Disorders. TMJ often causes severe pain and discomfort.It can be temporary or last many years. It might affect one or both sides of your face. More women than men have it and it comes on usually amongst people between the ages of 20-40.

What causes TMJ?

  • Grinding or clenching of your teeth which puts a lot of pressure on the joint.
  • Excessive movement of the soft tissue or disc between the ball and socket of the joint.
  • Arthritis in the joint
  • Stress which can cause you to tighten facial and jaw muscles
  • Whiplash or direct trauma to the jaw

Symptoms may include:

  • Pain that travels through the face, jaw and or neck
  • Stiff jaw muscles
  • Limited jaw movement or locking of the jaw
  • Painful clicking or popping in the jaw
  • A change in the way the upper and lower teeth connect

How is TMJ Disorder Diagnosed?

TMJ disorder can be diagnosed by your physiotherapist. They may recommend dental Xrays, CT scan or MRI by a consultant or dentist for further investigation.

Physiotherapy Treatment

  • Posture improvement and neck treatment
  • Relaxation exercises
  •  Muscle lengthening or massage
  • Joint mobilisation
  • TMJ movement pattern and timing correction
  • Prescribed facial exercises

After a comprehensive assessment your physiotherapist will design a specific treatment program for you. Treatment can include Dry Kneedling, Mobilisation techniques and joint manipulation.

You will be instructed on exercises and stretches for you to undertake at home to assist in your rapid recovery. We will also offer some helpful advice to help ease your pain, such as the appropriate resting positions.

The end result is prompt pain reduction, quicker natural healing and your successful return to full activity.

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