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Joint Injuries

Joint injuries are among the most common problems experienced by physiotherapy patients. These injuries may result from trauma to the body part or from wear and tear to the joint as in the case of carpal tunnel or arthritis. Patients may also seek physiotherapy following surgical procedures. Hip, knee, elbow, shoulder, wrist and hand surgery are among the most common. Before beginning treatment, we will perform a subjective assessment of the patient through interview, review of the patient’s records and doctor’s referral. An objective assessment follows to assess the extent of the patient’s deficits and to formulate treatment goals.

Once the assessment is over, you should ask questions and voice concerns. A good physiotherapist will be able to alleviate any fears you may have and restore your confidence in the therapeutic process. Then we will formulate goals for post discharge together. These goals should be measurable and functional. Work hardening programs and functional capacity evaluations may be undertaken if you plan to return to work.